Friday, November 5, 2010

Maori Tribal Tattoo-The Significance of Simplicity

maori tribal foot tattoo designmaori tribal arm tattoo designsMaori tribal tattoo is one of its kinds. As a sacred art among the Maori people in New Zealand, Maori tribal tattoos are always drawing attentions of the Maori tribes for each Maori tattoo states designation, status, and occupation.

The traditional Maori tribal tattoo was basically chiseled onto the body by the help of serrated stone chisels or uhi and a special pigment is used to fill in the wounds, leaving a permanent mark on skin in future.

Now-a-days, ink is used for the Maori tribal tattoos. Maori tattoos are worn on face and different parts of the body, including hands, legs, shoulders, back, upper buttock, and thighs.

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