Friday, May 28, 2010

Real Butterfly Tattoos Are Great on the Lower Back

Real Butterfly Tattoos are symbolic of how fragile life really is. The butterfly tattoo is the most used artistic theme within the tattoo art industry, it's up there with the flower butterfly tattoos, they have forever captivated man. Artists have a real freedom of creativity when they are creating butterfly tattoos because the designs are not rigid. Do you need inspiration and ideas for a real butterfly tattoos, do you want to make a strong fashion statement, thinking of getting a armband tattoo or lower back tattoo of butterflies.. Butterfly flower tattoos and the butterfly tattoo design and their meanings have been one of the most popular tattoo designs requested by females for the past few years. Butterflies are unique, they are so colorful and make beautiful tattoos, they represent the fragility and transformation of life.

There are about 28,000 known butterfly species. The butterfly tattoo is the most effective means to symbolize one of the most extraordinary creations on the planet with the vibrant colors and artistic designs. Among the best things about lower back tattoos of butterflies is that they have the ability to aesthetically add a lot of color into your tattoo without the loudness that is occasionally related with color. The lower back tattoos of butterflies allows the artist and the recipient huge scope for the tattooist to show of there tattoo art ability.

No matter which real butterfly tattoos design you end up picking out, it is easy to instantly see the beauty that a butterfly tattoo holds and the deeper meaning and significance of a butterfly and its life process make for a very popular design for women...Whether it's a butterfly tattoo on a lower back or a dragonfly tattoo on your shoulder, insect images have become a popular choice for tattoo art enthusiasts everywhere. A butterfly is often found with a fairy on a lower back to make for a colorful fantasy tattoo.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sleeve Tattoo Designs Tribal Dragon

Sleeve Tattoo Designs Tribal Dragon
Sleeve tattoos, also called tattoo sleeve refer to body art done on the arms or legs that cover and wrap around majority of the area as if forming a sleeve. This type of tat theme is rendered in three ways, half sleeve, quarter and full sleeve tattoos which all refer to the length of the designs.

Celtic Knot Tattoos - The Emblem of Eternity

Celtic Knot Tattoos - The Emblem of Eternity
Celtic knotwork lives up to its world famous reputation as the most beautiful facet of the ancient Irish artwork. The interlacing patterns are easily identifiable as the unique and extraordinary blossoming of the Celtic soul, captivated forever in the Celtic manuscripts and thesedays, on the skins of contemporary tattoo enthusiasts. Celtic knot tattoos are very decorative on the surface, but more significantly decla.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tattoo Cover Up Advice

Tattoo is a permanent mark on the body for life. However, it can be removed by laser and often it can be changed or covered, but not always!

Tattoo can be covered if it is old and faded. Fresh tattoo ink is too strong to be covered with colours, so the best option is black. If the tattoo is quite small and you want to cover it with a bigger tattoo- then there is no problem. The only thing you need to do is to find a right artist, one who enjoys doing cover ups and has a portfolio with lots of them in it. You may go to the nearest or cheapest shop, they will say that they will do it for you and it will be cheap. But you know what happens next, don't you? You end up having a bigger tattoo to worry about that is not easy to cover anymore! Best cover up tattoo advice I can give you: Find somebody who knows what they are doing and follow his advice!

A tattoo is OK to cover with color if the image is faded and is at least 8-10 years old. Fresh tattoo ink can be covered with black over it only. If somebody tells you that they can cover black with red- beware!

The colors that work best as a cover up are blues and browns, not reds, oranges or yellows...

The new tattoo will always be bigger than old one. Otherwise the corners would be sticking out or you would end up with black square. I doubt that this is what you want! A good sign of a successful cover up is when no one can tell that it is a cover up at all. If you see some lines showing through or corners sticking out- you will know that something was underneath and other people will notice that too! And you will still get asked "what was there?" A good cover up looks as though there was nothing there before.

If you choose your tattoo wisely you will not need to worry about cover-ups. Do not get something that in the future you may want to change. Girlfriends/ Boyfriends and Husbands/ Wives names are the biggest danger if it's even in Chinese or Arabic. The ex is gone and the name stays! How many times have you seen that? There are no guaranties in life what concern your love life. Another thing to avoid is fashion! Notice what the most popular tattoo is and do not get it. What was popular ten years ago looks silly now. So will this year's too sooner or later. Good idea is to ask your tattooist for information on what is the most popular. (I tell you one word- "stars").

The main tattoo cover up advice I can give you is this: choose what you want to get and find a person who is good at covering up tattoos. They will be honest with you and tell you what works and what doesn't. If there are no cover ups in the artist's portfolio it is better to find somebody else who does have pictures of successful work rather than being a canvas for experiments. Remember, your ideas may not work so be open for suggestions. The most important thing here is to get the mess sorted and replaced with something that you will enjoy. Do not think that you old tattoo can be covered with anything just as long as it is covered! It has got to be something that you like. You will have to live with it.

In some cases tattoos can not be covered and laser treatment is the only option. It is well worth to go for a few sessions and make your tattoo fade until it can be covered with anew one. In the end you will be happy with the result!

Choose careful and think before you get inked!

You have one chance to get it right. Respect your skin and expect the best for yourself. If you like to know more about how to get a successful tattoo please read my full tattoo advice.

Unique Turtle Tattoos

If you have ever seen some of the turtle tattoos out there, you probably know what I mean when I say imagination is the only limit to design. I must admit I was never especially interested in tattoos of any animal but when I saw a woman with a tribal turtle I began to change my mind. Turns out that turtle tattoos are one of the most requested designs. I know that while looking through the database of designs I use, I came across a few award winning turtle tattoos and I was sold.

Everyone has their own preference, style and taste; mine happens to be that of black ink only and small tattoos as opposed to big pieces. That's just my taste however, and it certainly doesn't have to be yours. There is a design about nine inches long and it's a trail of turtles on their way to somewhere or another; they even have turtle tracks in the design. I saw this on a woman's thigh and it looked great. Another man I saw had psychedelic turtle tattoos and they were abstract in design while vibrant in color. My concern over color is that it fades, as all ink does and this is why I lean towards solid black ink (which looks gray or blue as it fades).

For unique turtle tattoos simply start browsing award winning designs to start (I use chopper-tattoos). Once you find a few you love, turtle or not, start brainstorming ways to combine what you've found. If you have a great tattoo artist you can easily take your designs and show them what aspects of each you like and request they draw a unique design for you. Don't be shy or hesitant if this is your first inking - artists love to create unique pieces.

Tattoos, Tattoos Everywhere

Over the weekend my husband and I attended the drag races and while we were there I couldn't help to notice all the people that had tattoos. Of course this isn't new to me because I am a tattoo lover and I know 36% of people from the ages of 18 to 35 have at least one tattoo. But what I found most interesting is the designs that people have. And the coolest thing about it is every tattoo is unique and different. As I have mentioned before tattoo designs are practically endless. But when you are out somewhere and actually get to see all the designs people have its cool, at least it is to me. And a lot of these people had more than one tattoo, which is very common. Also one thing that I found very interesting is that a vast majority of these people had tattoos on their legs, mainly the back of the calf.

Another thing that I noticed was that most of the men there had black tattoos while the women had colored ones. Which this could mean nothing or it could mean that women prefer colored ink over black ink. Which I do not fall in that category. For some reason I prefer my tattoos to be in black ink. And as the statistics suggest most of these people were women. For some reason more 18 to 35 year olds that have tattoos are women. And interestingly enough more women regret their tattoos and have them removed more often than a man.

Polynesian Tattoo Designs Make the Best Black Ink Tattoos

Tattoo art designing is one of the universal methods for expression of art. Almost all over the world, archaeologists have unearthed tribes and ancient civilizations that have links with tattoo art. Tattoos are used not just for art expression, but also for spiritual, medicinal and even social functions.

However, when the word tattoo or tattoo art is spoken, nothing comes into mind faster than the word Polynesia. Polynesian tattoo designs have almost been completely intertwined with tattoo art itself. The word tattoo has been traced back by Oxford English Dictionary from a Polynesian word "tatau" with "ta" means hand, and "tata" is an onomatopoeic reference to the continuous action, and the final syllable "u" simply means color.

Polynesian tattoo designs are most often referred to as the "tribal" art since it draws its origins from pre-colonial tribes in the island groups of Polynesia. The tattoo designs here range from lines, dots, curves and lines, to animal symbols, masks, and other figures. They are traditionally used in a more spiritual sense, for example as a guide for the wearer against bad luck, even protection from harm

Polynesian tattoo designs are categorized into two: the Enata and Etua. The Enata designs are, safe to say, natural designs that embody the wearer. It gives the wearer a sort of an identity, as this design reflect one's history, land of origin, kind of work or occupation, and even social status. The Etua on the other hand, are more spiritual, and magical, as they are symbols of protection granted to a people, or even a tribe, by the gods themselves. Today's designs however, carry a little less weight.

White Ink Tattoo

Are you interested in getting a white ink tattoo? Then, read on this valuable information about this way, that is quite interesting but slightly different from the traditional tattoo.

They differ from the traditional tattoo in the sense that it does not involve the usual process of outlining and stenciling in black ink. It is done completely in white ink and it is quite distinctive like a ghostly image. Majority of them look like scars or brandings and most of the people choose it for this very purpose as they wish to have a one that does not look obvious or evident in the work environment.

The pattern or design of the white ink tattoo shows like a brand or a scar, slightly lighter in color than the skin. If it is cared out well, then it will last for a lifetime. The artists feel that these tattoos are best suited for folks with pale skin color. These tattoos work well in the areas that are protected from direct sunlight like chest, back or the underside of the arm. The ink is not easily absorbed into the skin and hence, it needs to be passed several times over to ensure that it has sunk completely inside the skin.

Simple designs look great and the bets designs would be Celtic patterns, tribal heart designs and so on. The popularity of white ink tattoos is growing by the day, but one needs to be completely aware of all the issues related with it. It may cause some sort of reaction by some people and these include swelling, itchiness, oozing and others. So, it would be a good idea to discuss all the issues with an experienced artist.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Star WarsTattoo Design for Man

 has been a fan of obsessive Star Wars "a galaxy far, far away" Close to Home - by securing the distribution of films legendary tattooed all over his body.

Dedicated Luke Kaye - Number of UK amateur Jedi Knight - covers the back, arms and legs with emblematic figures of all six films.

As always his first tattoo of Jedi Master Yoda for five years, Luke 13 more pictures of iconic figures from his collection added.